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Nationwide Health Insurance Quotes from

Kaiser Permanente

Your health shapes everything you do. Good health gets you going in the morning. It helps you focus on your day’s work. And it keeps you moving until the kids are tucked in at night. That’s why it’s important to have the
right health insurance plan—to keep you and your family healthy and going strong.  The Kaiser Permanente health insurance plans are designed to keep you—and your budget—in top shape.
Advantages include:

Personalized care

You can choose your own personal doctor (and switch to another for any reason). You’ll have a wide selection of physicians from top-ranked medical schools. They’re dedicated to providing the care you need—and to listening to you to be sure your needs are met. And we’re growing to better serve you. Look for even more doctors and new facilities to be added over the next few years.


Enjoy the ease of getting many services all in one place. That means you’ll save time by seeing a doctor and getting laboratory, X-ray, and pharmacy services all in one building at most Kaiser Permanente medical facilities. You can also see a doctor in the evening or on weekends at select locations, or receive nurse advice 24 hours a day by phone.


We have our own doctors at our own offices—so you don’t have to worry about filling out claim forms when you visit our medical facilities or any of our affiliated hospitals. Your health care providers will also use your secure electronic health records to make sure they have your up-to-date medical information at the moment when it’s needed most. You’ll experience first-hand the unique value of integrated care—your doctor will
coordinate your care with our expert health teams in our medical facilities and pharmacies.
You have the choice to become a healthier you—by choosing a plan and taking advantage of the resources available through Kaiser Permanente.

The Plans

We offer three types of plans—all are deductible plans and all offer the same quality coverage at affordable rates. The main differences between the plans are the deductible levels and the way you pay for services.

  • Signature Premier – Our Premier plans offer our highest benefit level.  Premier plans feature unlimited physician visits for just a copay.  Many other services, such as Emergency Room visits, after-hours visits, and generic drugs, are also available for a copay from the first day of coverage.
  • Signature – Our Signature plans are a good pick for those who don’t usually visit their doctor often. With these plans, you pay a copay for your first four office visits before meeting your deductible.   Other services, such as Emergency Room visits, after-hours visits, and generic drugs, are also available for a copay from the first day of coverage.
  • Signature HSA – If you want to build up a tax-advantaged nest egg for medical services, one of our Signature HSA (health savings account) plans may be a good choice. With these plans, once you meet your deductible, all covered services are available at no charge. Better yet, if you open an HSA, you can meet your deductible with tax-free dollars.

No matter which plan you choose, you can enjoy preventive care services at no charge from the first day of coverage, no deductible required. A quick guide to our plan names We’ve designed our plan names so you can easily tell what each one offers. The first number indicates your deductible and the second is your copay.  For example, our Signature Premier 1500/30/Rx plan has a $1,500 deductible and a $30 copay for select covered services. All of our Signature plans include prescription benefits, including our Signature HSA plans.